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Startup And Marketing

Hi, I guess i am a novice is this field and would like to throw a few questions at the community – ( I understand that answers to these questions may differ between different business types) 1. How much budget do you guys keep aside for just marketing (Pre/Post revenue) ? Please mention type of […]

The Druvaa Story – II

[ I was planing a small musing and then saw a post from Sumeet, so thought of completing it. ] Almost two months back, Druvaa hit its lowest … and merely 1 month from our first few paid deployments we were holding heads in hands with no clue how to proceed further. Low on resources, […]

The Startups Are Hiring.

Did you know that the best job for a fresher is in a startup? Well, it is. Did you know that the best job for a growing professional or someone who loves challenges, is in a startup? Well, it is. One of the biggest problems that startups have is in hiring people. During the last […]

Some Generic Entrepreneurial Questions

Hi, i am facing some generic problems and i think many of us out here should be facing the same …. so i thought i might put up a post regarding the same and attract some wise answers. My customers are enterprises, so my viewpoint and questions revolve around them. Feel free to give generic […]

The Art of Learning

Not very much off-topic for entrepreneurship blog but just wanted to throw some light on work of – “Con Kolivas“.He should be well known for guys following Linux development, for others …. This guy is a doctor in Australia with no professional training in computers, still he got interested in Linux Kernel. I used to […]

Entrepreneurship at different levels

One of our gurus (guru Nanak) always emphasized on traveling, as per him it helps a man discover his true self. During college i was lucky to travel to 7 countries … Now after a long time and as a part of my work at druvaa, i was traveling for almost 8 weeks now … […]

Radio Stations: Pervasive Entertainment Everywhere

It seems that Mumbai is the only place in India which has a 24/7 English Radio station. Most of the other cities have these partial stations where there is english programming in certain times of the day, mixed with other regional-language programming. First question: Why is that? Secondly, Let me go to a bit extreme. […]

Idea Generator

An amusing take on generating new ideas — try your luck, this might work better than a slots machine. On a more serious note, there are several “structured innovation” techniques that actually work — the one that I had a chance to study sometime back is TRIZ. Check it out! 0