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Captain your Ship

As an entrepreneur or the CEO of a start-up, you need to clearly take the lead position, as it is your vision and mission that the team has to take forward. Not all CEOs of start-ups have the experience of leading an organization. But you don’t need to let that inexperience reflect in the way […]

Does your product have a market?

Unfortunately not all new ventures end up as success stories. The reasons are plenty and well known. But start-ups continue to commit those very same mistakes. Ensuring success involves implementing the critical parts of the business plan in a systematic way. Like, identifying the product functionalities that will have takers; building a scalable sales process; […]

Delhi is the New Hub For Techs

I read this interesting article recently- about how Delhi is the new hub for tech startups– in Wall Street journal. I am curious- what are the experiences/opinions of other members- who may have worked in multiple Indian metros on the subject. — Below article is a mirror of article in Wall Street Journal: Delhi […]

Business coaching for entrepreneurs

I recently left the venture capital world to set up a business coaching practice and wrote the following piece for a venture capital related publication. Pasting it below, and would love to get the forum’s thoughts on how they perceive the value of coaching. From Venture Capitalist to Business Coach After several years of working with […]

Indian Entrepreneur Mindset

Indian entrepreneurs typically think innovation means invention or product innovation… But, to be a successful grocery store owner also, you need to innovate enough… thanks Pradyot Innovation Engineering Innovation Engineering Forum 0

Motorexchange raises second round financing

Motorexchange just announced their second round financing led by Epiphany. As early stage investors, its always an anticipated moment when your early investment goes out to raise their next round of capital. While at the initial investment, one would have bought into the team and the space, this is typically the first time there is […]