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Give me an idea and I will make you POOR

Standard and Poor says America is getting POOR. Economists ,capitalists,governments and people are discussing the fallout of such a situation. But what does it mean for an entrepreneur.In case somebody has misssed recent article by Jug Suraiya in TOI ,here it is .Wherein the associate writer mentions that in this knowledge economy ,US started producing everying […]

Mobile Development Report

I recently came across this report titled “The Mobile Development Report“, published by CKS on a research commissioned by Nokia for developmental use of mobile networks in emerging economies. The report focuses on social transformations around a new technology and its adoption. The report beautifully documents lives and ways Indians in tier 2 cities and […]

A good list of social entrepreneurship resources

To all who are interested in social entrepreneurship A good list of social entrepreneurship resources See their fellows (only US based), but for the ideas that can be implemented anywhere in the world if relevant at ->There are too many things possible in social entrepreneurship in India and worldwide. 0

TrendWatching in India

Another day, another idea. This time, it is TrendWatching. I define TrendWatching as a disciple where one observes (not sees), engages people in conversations (not interviews), identifies what is popular (not market research) and finally using these popular social objects to help businesses. Why TrendWatching? Market research as we know it is dead. I have […]