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Surviving the Series A Crunch

In the recent past, I have been asked on several occasions about how a founder can improve his/her chances of securing Series A financing. In many cases, these entrepreneurs have successfully raised seed or angel funding, but have struggled to raise the next round. I have written a column on my views/suggestions on how to […]

India’s first-ever multi-city boot-camp by IAN

Indian Angel Network announces India’s first-ever multi-city start-up bootcamp. This event would give an opportunity to both budding as well as established entrepreneurs to gain access to IAN angel members as well as certain power-packed panel discussions on various fund-raising challenges. Further, to inspire entrepreneurism beyond the niche social circles – the event would also […]

Is Micro-Funding a New Trend to Come?

A lot of folks seem to be very curious as to what I am working on, since my stepping back from Well, quite a bit actually and on some rather serious stuff. Serious as cash, infact. One of the major concerns that has been on my mind is the scarcity of capital in this […]

Judging a really early stage start-up

From REALLY early stage, I mean a bunch of guys 3 or 4 years out of college, having quit their highly paying techie jobs, wanting to build the next big thing and get rich soon. I can really relate to the picture, as an year back, I really did fit the description. You know these […]

Sponsor a Business

Dear Friends, This is one of the better ventures I have come across, leveraging the power of community to empower entrepreneurs. Its a matchmaking project, connecting entrepreneurs who need loans with lenders who can offer loans. If an entrepreneurs needs Rs. 50,000 as loan, he can receive it from multiple lenders , maybe in smaller […]