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Brave new world…

Think about what role the mobile operator has been playing to-date: They own a pipe to transmit information (voice + data) They own a touch point to the customer (and hence impact the choices I make) They own a mechanism to charge the customer – either stored value or monthly billing Long-term which of these […]

Concepts and Clients : The eternal challenge

Over the last couple of years have come across several entrepreneurs and new start ups presenting product and service delivery models on the Internet and mobile channels. This blog being an extremely vibrant forum for both groups, would like to outline a few observations and challenges faced in converting these propositions to business models and […]

Mobile Development Report

I recently came across this report titled “The Mobile Development Report“, published by CKS on a research commissioned by Nokia for developmental use of mobile networks in emerging economies. The report focuses on social transformations around a new technology and its adoption. The report beautifully documents lives and ways Indians in tier 2 cities and […]