I have been participating in Mobile Monday Bangalore for an year and half now. What started as a few geeks in a cafeteria event is currently a huge community commanding respect from everyone. Today, speakers from all over the world vie to be part of of the community !

But that’s not what I call success, there are plenty of such “eco-systems” currently mushrooming in India.
What I like the most about Momo Bangalore is that it has still managed to retain it’s original form as a “By Entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs” organization.

Lot of the credit for that is due to the organizers. They have remained the very friendly and easily approachable face of Momo Bangalore throughout all it’s transitions.

Let me just talk about ourselves. We at Mobisy started as just another start-up with an idea around a year back.
Getting any attention or help in any other “eco-system” was proving a tough task. Momo Bangalore acted like a true “Mentor” to us. Right from finding information regarding standard start-up processes to getting a demo arranged, networking with VCs, Partners, Customers… We were offered help at every single step. All that with a smile and no cost ! How many organizations can claim to provide such a level of altruistic service to budding start-ups in India?

In my personal opinion, we need many such organizations to spur on real innovations here.

May the ‘Momo Bangalore’ spirit live on.

Disclaimer:- I am just a participant in Mobile Monday Bangalore and have no vested interests whatsoever with it ! Opinions expressed here are completely personal.