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Missing Link – the HR plan

Having managed HR departments for over 110 companies in last 5 years, I am amazed to see the consistent absence of comprehensive HR plan inside or even alongside the annual business plan. And this remains the top reason why goal alignments, reviews and resource agility remains perpetual challenge. Most managers end up reacting to situations […]

Co-working Space in Gurgaon

Is there anyone in the startup community in gurgaon – having co-working space for a 2-5 member team? Couldnt get much information elsewhere, but hoping to get a response on venturewoods. You can reach me at Thanks a ton and a wish a very happy new year 2012 for the startup community!! 0

partial approaches to present economic scenario

These may be partial approaches to present economic scenario for technology entrepreneurs. Embracing Business Models for Open Source Software Embracing Open Innovation These are my recent talks in OSS Camp delhi. 0

SSIR Article -Rediscovering Social Innovation

From Social entrepreneurship and social enterprise have become popular rallying points for those trying to improve the world. These two notions are positive ones, but neither is adequate when it comes to understanding and creating social change in all of its manifestations. The authors make the case that social innovation is a better vehicle […]

10 ways to save during startup

During the time when venture valuations are down, 10 ways to save during startup 1-Live cheaply 2-Use creative financing 3-Start small 4-Put money toward revenue-producing elements 5-Market through media and word-of-mouth 6-Staff smart 7-Negotiate the best deals 8-Look for inexpensive technical tools 9-Use credit cards wisely 10-Offer fractional ownership as payment More at How […]