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innovation in e-learning ?

i was going through some recent VC posts about upcoming boom in e-learning websites ( in India ). I tried to look around, but couldn’t find any indian/global website with significant innovation in that area. Can someone point me to a good resource/website ? I somehow believe, hosting videos and lecture notes coupled with some […]

Is Manufacturing the future of Banking?

The Banking world is undergoing and major shift in the way banks have to function and compete in an evironment where the regulators keep coming up with new demands on making the system more transparent not just for the supervisors but also for the customers of the banks. This is a big challenge for an […]

Attracting Vanity Users for a Social Network

I am a regular user of Social network like FaceBook,Orkut, LinkedIn. Collaborative Knowledge Sharing Networks Like Wikipedia , WikiQuote, Q&A forums like USENET ,Linkedin Answer ,Yahoo Answers . Media centric communities like Flickr,Slideshare,Youtube I have noticed that most of the time some specific member of network are more Vocal , enthusiast and involved than others. […]

How VCs Work :-?

Broadly there are two kind of stock investors – those who know the companies they are investing in and those who don’t. The first ones use insider information or put their analytical skills at work to predict which company would/should/must do well. They take a calculated risk. The second ones (like me) just buy stocks […]

New life, anyone?

Hello. I’m brand new here. Just met Alok in Second Life, and we got to discussing the different ways people and businesses can interact there. Second Life, for the uninitiated, is a three-dimensional virtual world where users can fly, shop with virtual money, set up offices and educational institutions, and a whole lot more. It […]

Dividing Ownership in a Startup

“Experience is a good school, but the fees are high.” — Heinrich Heine It is the lesson of the true cost of recruiting the wrong founding team in a startup. You fill a role out of desperation, or even worse, recruit a friend or family who will do for now but never was quite the […]

Maverick Leadership

Imagine a company where managers set their own salaries! Middle management utopia, who would not like to be here? But this is also a company where if you put your salary too high, and people don’t put you on the list as someone they need for the next six months, you’re in more trouble than […]

How Insane is your Process

This will be my last post for a while as I am off on an internet free vacation till Sep 25. Apologies for a rather long post. One of my pet themes is reducing friction in processes and a large part of PayPal’s success was because we were able to design very low friction processes. […]