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Agri Commodities

Food prices are at an all time high in most places around the globe. We have been reading news on Wheat, Edible Oil, Corn etc reaching their multi year highs.  A report on the same topic reads “Rising Food prices can be good news for the food companies who are attempting to pass along those […]

A New Kind of Incubation Model. Part III

Ever since the journey with started, about two years ago, I can safely say that I’ve sifted through atleast 300+ company profiles. I’ll hit you with the bad news first: Most of them are hopeless. They are half-baked solutions. They probably are great hobby projects and shouldn’t even allowed to be classified as a […]

Fostering Innovation in India

Even after all these years of the so-called IT revolution, India is still struggling for a business/company that has created intellectual capital and has thus created a true enterprise with roots in research and development. I think its about time to take stock and figure out why. No one would dispute that India has all […]

Selling to the Unaffordable. Part I

Most enterprises in India look to “more economically viable” markets abroad as their target customers. If you ask them why is it that we are never focused on local demands, and the market that is seemingly so huge and is often quoted to be one of the fastest growing, the response is usually the same: […]

The Consumer Internet Dilemma: Users or Customers

I’ll start with a broad, sweeping generalization about consumer internet: 1. The user never pays. I would consider it to be not only true to a very large majority of consumer internet ventures, but actually a defining characteristic of consumer internet. 2. Since the user doesn’t pay, and the business exists to make money, there […]

The Pyramid is actually a Lollipop.

Everyone, and Just about anyone with a background in Economics and can understand the market will tell you that a healthy market is supposed to be somewhat close to what C.K.Prahalad defined and popularized as – atleast here in India – a Pyramid. But is our economy, atleast when it comes to the Industrial sector […]

The Impending Revolution in Production.

Just the other day I met some very interesting folks from the National Institute of Fashion technology and was quite enlightened to know about the various departments they have; Apparently there is design, textile and Production – which on explanation makes a lot of sense. There was a lot of talk about the budget and […]

Is location a constraint for start ups ?

More than a year ago there was a post on contentsutra and an article on Live mint on the same subject. Both the articles covered few startups, in cities like Nagpur & Trivandrum ( Including my earlier startup) and echoed the opinion that its not the location that matter but the product & the people […]

ArcSight IPO: A positive vibe

So ArcSight, the enterprise security and compliance management company, went public a couple of weeks ago. Market watchers and industry analysts had always held mixed views about the company, and the same story goes with its IPO too. The hints of a listing came to be known publicly in September 2006, when the Valley kahuna […]

Ever dreamt about managing failures!

Have a dream, believe in it & work towards it and it will happen, well this is the mantra we all chant in our mind while we initiate our journey to pursue our ambitions.But have any one of you ever thought , how you will manage the situation if things won’t happen as we dreamt. […]