Not very much off-topic for entrepreneurship blog but just wanted to throw some light on work of – “Con Kolivas“.He should be well known for guys following Linux development, for others ….

This guy is a doctor in Australia with no professional training in computers, still he got interested in Linux Kernel.

I used to see his emails on kernel mailing list and kind of laugh on this newbie questions about poor performance of his desktop and started ignoring them later. It shocked me big time, when he proposed modifications to the Process Scheduler (the core of the kernel) and later wrote an entirely new scheduler called RSDL.

I went back and started reading his emails … It was a lerning point for me to see how he asked questions and gave no attention to hackers who started calling him a kid and or saying “he doesn’t know a thing ’bout hacking”. He was a good and steady learner, got some help and wrote code better than a poem.

What i learnt – You should always try and question *_why_* you can’t achieve what you aim. What rationale, logic, fact or fiction or mith stops you.

– J

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