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Exclusive Resorts -1

A need and an innovative solution to a difficult problem combined can provide the base for a large company. Exclusive Resorts was established in 2003 and appears to be doing quite well. The key value is in the real estate that this company owns. If an exclusive resort type option was available in India I […]

Distance Education

Professor Mehta a member of the Knowledge Commission resigned in protest on quotas/reservations in educational institutions. His open letter to the Prime Minister is circulating on email and I read it on a Yahoo Group for my batch from IIM Ahmedabad. My response to that mail is quoted below as some of you may find […]

Web 2.0 – Profitability?

I was going to discuss some thoughts on Web 2.0 profitability, and I think some readers on this blog will be familiar with my disdain for “get the eyeballs, revenues will come” mindset (have been hurt once on that!). Am beginning to hear more and more of that again… Some entrepreneurs point to Adsense as […]


Is it a slow wave of dot-com boom in india? Why are people putting their money on dotcoms….what i fail to understand is the fact that dotcom was written off as dead, but now its springing up bring some investments. WestBridge Capital Partners announcing an investment of $8 million in Makemytrip taking B-series funding […]

AARP + Senior Living

I still have a year before I turn 50 and can join AARP the American Association of Retired Persons. My Dad was visiting me and he keeps talking about the need for Senior living facilities like Sunrise. Does India present an opportunity for something like AARP and/or Sunrise. With all the real estate funds being […]

Prosper + 600000 villages

Sometimes elephants get created by connecting disjointed inputs. An entrepreneur Narain sent me this article from Business Week. This is like an eBay for loans. I also saw an advertisement in the paper where Ministry of Information & Technology is interested in funding SCA ( Service Centre Agency) which will manage CSC ( Common Service […]

Interesting Stuff

First came Peer to peer ..then skype and now this… SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 5 — A telecommunications executive said on Sunday that he had received $21.7 million for what he called “a global network of shared Wi-Fi connections” from backers, including Google, the Internet phone service provider Skype, and the venture capital firms Sequoia Capital […]

Healthcare Automation

Hi! Sorry I have been out of scene for a while with my posts. For the past couple of months what is really caught my attention is a concept called Unbound Healthcare, this basically means remote monitoring of patients who have small gadgets attached to their bodies which collect medical related informtion like Temperature Fluctuations, […]