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Business 2.0 – Startup Ideas

Business 2.0 has a list of startup ideas they like. For India, a mobile based ad network, and wine imports business make it to the list… I would have thought there are far better ideas available as well — not that these ones are not good. But I like these guys for being specific rather […]


I will be an advisor to FINO with a brief to act as a coach to a team that will focus on scaleable business architechture. FINO is looking for two management trainees, located in Mumbai who will be 100% dedicated to this effort and report to Niket Kamdar who has overall responsibility for this deliverable. […]

Senior One Pager

Opportunity: Senior Citizens need a variety of services. They have special needs and also control over their time. They can go for morning shows of movies or fill up happy hour slots at restaurants. They are large consumers of pharmaceuticals. They often need assistance and healthcare. AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) is a pretty […]

A Senior Opportunity

This should be of primary interest to entrepreneurs in Mumbai/Pune who view making lives of seniors in India easier as an attractive business opportunity. As a family ( my father, brother and me) our interest is in backing entrepreneurs who want to attack this space. We have put together a one pager that details 1. […]

Bridge Online- IIT Club

Poker Online etc. have become big. Bridge is tough as if money is involved cheating is a hard nut to crack. I used to play on the MSN zone site but they had plans to close it so I moved onto BridgeBase. This is an interesting site where the money games are with 2 humans […]

CDN/ Hosting

Techcrunch has become one of my favorite sights to browse when I have time to kill. From there I found that Limelight Networks has raised $130MM in funding and is one of the leading content delivery networks. CDN for iTunes is Akamai and for You Tube it is Limelight. For hosting EV1 is a sponsor […]

Postepay in Italy

A lot of people hold the view that India needs a cash oriented payment mechanism, and that is a very large opportunity. Businessweek has an article on a prepaid cash card — some of the consumer drivers mentioned have a lot of overlap with India. For example, the card gives consumers control over spends (unlike […]

Terra Cycle

You can read the full article on TerraCycle which is billed as one of the coolest startups in USA. To me it illustrates how lead entrepreneurs manage to create buzz , inspire people and run operations on a shoestring. At Terracycle the lead entrepreneur is 23 and has managed to surround himself with talented individuals […]

Minglebox – Web 2.0 company in Bangalore

Minglebox Communications Private Ltd. is a start up in the internet and mobile space, founded by ex IIT/IIM alumni. The founders are marketing and technology professionals with varied experience in consumer goods, internet, telecom, financial services and IT industries across India and the US. The company aims to build internet and mobile consumer products for […]