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Give me an idea and I will make you POOR

Standard and Poor says America is getting POOR. Economists ,capitalists,governments and people are discussing the fallout of such a situation. But what does it mean for an entrepreneur.In case somebody has misssed recent article by Jug Suraiya in TOI ,here it is .Wherein the associate writer mentions that in this knowledge economy ,US started producing everying […]

Presentation on Innovation Engineering at SlideShare

Hi Entrepreneurs and VCs Since Innovation(s) make(s) or break(s) the entrepreneurs, I think this is relevant here. I have uploaded a presentation on Innovation Engineering at SlideShare.  Thanks for reviewing the presentation and letting me know your comments and suggestions.FYI, Innovation Engineering is made in India/Delhi by a 100% self-funded and 0% grant startup, 3innovate. […]

Entrepreneurs and VCs can use Innovation Engineering

Yes.Entrepreneurs and VCs can use Innovation Engineering. Entrepreneurs to understand the needs, design, implement, validate/verify and evolve/revolutionize Innovation. VCs to validate/verify and revalidate/reverify Innovation of their portfolio and future portfolio companies. More on Innovation Engineering is here: and here 0

Cash,Visa,mobile or prepaid who will win

With reference to the growth of e-com in India ,now digital money is growing at the cost of liquid cash.This digital money could be a credit card (if it is credit card ,than all chances of it being visa) or a mobile cash.But even mobile transcactions are taking place thru credit cards.In India we do not see real mobile cash like the […]

Roar of the Cloud

Among a close group of friends in the Paas, SaaS and IaaS sector in India and a few members from the VC community, we have been talking for sometime about the need to come together to discover and support innovators working on new SaaS products/services. The challenge really is to democratize development and support the […]

Microfinance — about Social and Profit Agenda

There has been a swelling debate around the original intent of microfinance organizations centered around social good, and the recent “commercialization” of the model as evident in private fund raising, and promoters and PE funds making windfall gains in public markets. The article here by Elisabeth Rhyne seems to advance a great argument for the […]

Mobile services for agriculture

Seems like there is growing interest in mobile information services for farmers. TCS has mKrishi, Intuit had another application to get mandi prices etc, and IFFCO Kisan Sanchar Ltd has a mobile information business with Airtel… Looks like a great application area given the number of farmers out there. The notion also extends to other […]