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Online Digital Photograph Printing

Does anyone know of a good online digital Photograph printing services in India (preferably Delhi/Gurgaon/Noida) but not limited to that. I think the convenience provided is immense there. I was reading some figures on the digital camera sales/imports/smuggles in India and they were startling. Well if we don’t have the service (my gut feel says […]

Indian IT boom: B-O-R-I-N-G

It is educational to compare and contrast the two tech. booms that this world is witnessing right now. Silicon Valley is going thru a mini deja-vu of sorts, what with the spurt of so called web 2.0 companies mushrooming all over the place. The buzz word this time around is “build to flip” – build […]

No Shanda – MMORPG

I just read this article on Shanda the leading MMORPG ( Massively multiplayer online role playing games) company in China . I have seen number of business plans in the last few months but suprisingly none on gaming. I wonder why ? Clearly online penetration and usage is currently low. Maybe thats the reason ? […]

Mapping – Ideas & Execution

A lot of us have heard the cliche ” Ideas are a dime a dozen. It is execution that counts” . My previous post on mapping has got some people thinking. Here is a reply that I sent to one of them. “The little that I know of this domain may help you. I would […]

A Mapping Opportunity

Some Indian entrepreneurs have used GIS data to create usable Indian maps catering to distribution needs for corporates. Eicher has created hard copy maps for Dehi. I have two- one in each car. I think there may be a play to create a startup based on consumer needs for point to point directions. The free […]

BPO — What next?

The value of Business Process Outsourcing services, and particularly offshoring, is illustrated by the rapid growth of this industry. Most people agree that the entrepreneurial opportunity in scale-plays such as all centers is over. One of the commonly-accepted themes on where BPO startups will go next is “Niche BPO” — to pick highly specialized processes […]