A lot of us have heard the cliche ” Ideas are a dime a dozen. It is execution that counts” .

My previous post on mapping has got some people thinking. Here is a reply that I sent to one of them.

“The little that I know of this domain may help you. I would encourage you to tap experts. My thoughts are

1. GIS data exists for free

2. This GIS data has to be manipulated to produce usable maps in two dimensions. India has lot of cheap labor. If there is a plan and good supervision, labor can create detailed usable maps of a city/district. This is similar to a strategy that A9 a search engine on Amazon used except they used vehicles with video cameras to give pictures of storefronts.

3. Using collaborative technology like Wikipidea this data could be improved over time.

4. On this map landmarks would be identified and distance/routing calculated from point x to nearest landmark (using labor/collaborative data). From landmark to nearest landmark to point y would be done using algorithms ( these algorithms can be licensed I am told). The route from nearest landmark to point y would again be done using labor /collaborative data.

5. Every business on the map would be able to enhance its listing/ advertise which is where the revenue component would come in.

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