Notice today in HT that these will be held in March -April 2012 and that the electoral roll is open for revision till Nov 1, 2011 especially to include fresh voters who may just turn 18. If you are 18 or more as of Jan 1, 2012 you are eligible to vote.

A small thing all of us can do is to get as many fresh eighteen year olds to get their names included in the electoral rolls by making them aware. Also for those who have not bothered to get a voter ID card maybe now is the time to get one. A Councillor can play a huge role in improving things in their local area and as part of the Janapal concept I had written on earlier we will probably come up with a platform that will enable us to elect better councillors and encourage good people to stand.

We will try and get HT/TOI to do a front page story on this topic and maybe the radio and TV channels as well.

If we want good governance we have to show that we are ready to be very actively engaged in the democratic process.

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