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Community Platform For Ward 103

My wife has today been formally appointed as a “shadow councillor” for Ward 103- Punjabi Bagh /Madipur in Delhi. For all intents and purposes it means she can now do whatever developmental work a good councillor should do without the malas and bhashans. She has just issued an RFP titled “Technology Platform for Ward 103”. […]

The next Facebook ?

Or a damp squib. This is a followup post to “is the time right” post. Three of us have got together as founders and are doing a smell test plus looking for a Chairman and COO. We are also following an open strategy instead of operating in the stealth mode. Interested. Then read more at […]

Is the time right ?

i am posting after a long time. I have been quite active with India Against Corruption and had a brainstorming session with some people in the US. One of the topics was to create a company that would be an rti resource centre which would make it easier for consumers and govt agencies to get […]


I am currently reading “Different” by Youngme Moon ( HBS marketing faculty) which talks of “idea brands” among other things. This book coupled with Innovators Solution by Clayton Christensen are books that may inspire some of the people who will create billion dollar market cap companies in India from scratch. For most entrepreneurs hitting a […]

Multilingual & Offline

Here is a link to a page which has links to the Dr.E. Sreedharan’s appeal in Hindi, Tamil & Malayalam. More languages are being worked on and will be added. This FRNV page also has links to information to help citizens become informed voters. You can print the PDF’s and distribute them offline as well. […]

Lok Sabha 2009 – Be an Informed Voter

Google has made an effort with partners to enable voters to be more informed. Take a look. I am on the electoral reforms team of the Foundation for Restoration of National Values( FRNV). The president is Dr. E. Sreedharan, the man behind the Delhi Metro. I admire his execution capability which is why I volunteered. […]

This is a website powered by Pinstorm ( Mahesh Murthy, Seed Fund) for the cellular company Idea. I thought it was very well executed. To try it I voted for an idea and posted an idea. I am intrigued by the possibilities of actual reliable online voting on serious issues. 0

Slide Share Rockstar ?

I got the email below I think from Slide Share. It could be an April Fools joke but not being very tech savvy I did not know what I am supposed to do. I have a slide share presentation on Financial inclusion in India that I would like a lot of people to browse but […]


This is a company started by a bunch of ex- PayPal people which could be useful for startups to get themselves noticed and get feedback. I just joined and put some information about myself and Eko. At Eko we intend to play around with the site and see if it proves to be useful. Easy […]