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Eko 5000 Pilot Starts

We are finally serving real customers. We still have a lot of work to do to meet our customer delight goal and we need a lot of support from banks, telecom operators and regulators. Anyone who wants to try our service please do that. All comments specially suggestions for improvement are most welcome. To read […]

Eko- Beyond the Inner Circle

Our use of restricted stock to get advisors/talent has worked very well. Plans at Eko are aggressively on track and we have had some exciting developments. We will be closing our early employee restricted stock offering by Jan 31, 2008. It is already closed for other categories such as advisors. We have also worked on […]

Go to Market

Subject: Go to Market Going to Market is always a big event for a startup and I am glad to report that we went live today at our pilot location with real money and a real bank. For about a month we will be controlled and will go into full pilot only after that. I […]

Amit Varma

He is a Mint columnist and I have not read all his columns as I have been rather busy but I remember reading one in August which I found amusing and instructive. Here is the link I hope to read more of Mr. Varma’s writing. In the US I was a regular reader of Walter […]

Inner Circle

Attracting talent is enormously important. I saw some earlier threads on this so I thought I would share how we are trying to do this at Eko. We created a pool of stock that advisory board members and early employees can invest in. This stock is issued at approximately 3X the founders round. The 3X […]

Importance of LOI

In startups you want to use your limited seed capital to produce tangible things that VC’s /angels can look at, get impressed and invest. ( This assumes you want VC/angel investment) These could be prototypes, beta customers, key business development deals or letters of intent. At Eko we have just signed a letter of intent […]

Games Indians Play

This is an extract from a post on another blog. Click here for the full post. In some ways I am trying to be a farmer sharing his seed corn when I write about trust or Eko. The major difference is that Eko is just starting and has won no awards but the intent to […]


We have recognized the importance of creating a ” Circle of Trust” at Eko. It is quite possible that trust may be an important element in the business of some other startups and they may get inspired by our thinking. With that in mind we have made the first version of our document available for […]

Positive Thinking/Integrity

I have no desire to offend anyone with this post but it is about time the confident India ( post T20) thinks positively and stops petty thinking. My aim in posting once in a while on Eko or on other things is to get a few people to think positive and big and to share […]

Eko – Another baby step

Things are buzzing at Eko and we have just updated our website to let people know a little more of what we are upto. In a startup working on the right things and keeping founder chemistry strong are important challenges. We think we are doing well on this score. We have agreed on three key […]


We have taken the first baby step in what we hope will be a long journey to build a global world class company in India . ( Kind of like Don Quioxte tilting at windmills) We are still in stealth mode . On our website you can find details of our team and vision. We […]

Founding a Startup

It has been long since I posted on VW. I had a good trip to USA and the level of activity on both the coasts is quite manic. In spite of the subprime woes I doubt that a recession is on the horizon anytime soon. On a personal note it looks like that I will […]