I have no desire to offend anyone with this post but it is about time the confident India ( post T20) thinks positively and stops petty thinking.

My aim in posting once in a while on Eko or on other things is to get a few people to think positive and big and to share experiences both good and bad. One can learn from success or failure.

I do not need this forum to get publicity for Eko. Eko is not a web traffic type play and at this stage we have all the attention we need. I have turned down a few requests from media to write about Eko because we are at a very early stage.

If I write about founder chemistry it is because I find it delightfully refreshing at Eko and I am not trying to signal anything except reminding myself and others at similar stages on the importance of positive vibes.

At Eko we are quite excited about a “Circle of Trust” document that we are working on. Our inspiration for this was an integrity document that Mindtree has on its website ( available for download).

I will let you know when we have our document completed and available for download. Just as Mindtree inspired us maybe we can inspire someone else.

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