It has been long since I posted on VW. I had a good trip to USA and the level of activity on both the coasts is quite manic. In spite of the subprime woes I doubt that a recession is on the horizon anytime soon.

On a personal note it looks like that I will be getting together with three young entrepreneurs in Delhi and founding a company soon. Expect to hear a bit more over the next month.

Unfortunately for the rest of 2007 it will leave me no bandwidth to advise entrepreneurial companies. With those who have already established contact and would benefit from a brief interaction I will try and do that but will not have time for any new interactions. I will also till August 2008 not invest in any startups other than the one I found.

Initially startups , I believe, require intense focus with few distractions.

I will continue to read VW with great interest but the frequency of my posts/comments will be quite low ( I can see some people heaving a huge sigh of relief )

For our startup to succeed we will need a lot of support and we look forward to getting that from the VW community.

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