I am currently reading “Different” by Youngme Moon ( HBS marketing faculty) which talks of “idea brands” among other things. This book coupled with Innovators Solution by Clayton Christensen are books that may inspire some of the people who will create billion dollar market cap companies in India from scratch.

For most entrepreneurs hitting a base hit ( say a 100 crore exit) makes much more sense then aiming for a home run ( 4500 crore) where most who try will fail.

When I relocated to India in 2004 I had thought that by now 5-10 large startups would be visible but I was wrong about that. I wonder whether the environment is now better and that by 2020 we will see $100 billion in market cap from companies that do not exist today.

I hope we will. To continue on a 8% + GDP growth path India needs innovation and entrepreneurship.

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