Among a close group of friends in the Paas, SaaS and IaaS sector in India and a few members from the VC community, we have been talking for sometime about the need to come together to discover and support innovators working on new SaaS products/services. The challenge really is to democratize development and support the MAKE, MARKET and MONETIZE phases, leaving the innovator free to do what he/she does best, unleash his mind.

So, my company One Billion Minds, WOLF Frameworks – India’s leading PaaS company, and Jamcracker decided to come together to start an ambitious Not for Profit program to do exactly this.

We have just launched – The Roar of the Cloud Challenge – to discover the best SaaS innovators in India and bring to them best in class application and venture development support as well as mentoring from the brightest leaders in Cloud Computing innovation.

Please let us know what you think about this Not for Profit initiative. We are looking for more partner companies as well as mentors to the innovators.

Of course, if you have a killer application in your mind, you may like to participate yourself at:

Sanjukt K. Saha

Sanjukt is the Founder/CEO of One Billion Minds. Previously he headed the Indian business of Patton Electronics, a global telecom equipment manufacturing company. A Mechanical Engineer from the Indian Institute of Technology, he received a general management MBA from the European School of Management and Technology, Berlin where he was awarded an Axel Springer scholarship and elected Class President. He previously attended an advanced executive program offered by INSEAD & McGill. When not minding his own business, especially over weekends, Sanjukt enjoys mentoring early stage ventures. He can be reached at:

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