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Roar of the Cloud

Among a close group of friends in the Paas, SaaS and IaaS sector in India and a few members from the VC community, we have been talking for sometime about the need to come together to discover and support innovators working on new SaaS products/services. The challenge really is to democratize development and support the […]

IIT Kanpur Golden Jubilee Initiative: The Next50 Global Innovation Cha...

The Next50 Global Innovation Challenge is an IIT Kanpur Golden Jubilee Alumni Initiative to identify 50 early stage innovators in Agriculture, Cleantech, Financial Inclusion, Education and Technology, who can change the way we work and live. Innovators stand to win awesome cash awards, named prizes and access an exclusive ecosystem of mentoring, business support and […]

Angel Investor Event: Kolkata/October 21

One Billion Minds continuing its mission to foster the spirit of innovation & entrepreneurship in India, invites innovators to present path breaking ideas to an international team of angel investors on October 21, 2009 at Kolkata Date: October 21st 2009 Venue:  ITC Room, Bengal Chambers of Commerce, Kolkata Eligibility: Product or Service with High Innovation […]

Starting Up in a Downturn

Downturn? I have only realized it much later after turning entrepreneur in December 2008. Nothing seems to have changed. March is busy as usual for clients when one rationalizes that business would start flowing in from April! Clients on the other hand are as difficult to make part with money beyond the idea honeymoon as […]

How do Social Networks make money?

I came across this interesting post on alternate ways social networks are monetizing. Of course there is Facebook and the big frenzy they are trying to jumpstart into what is essentially still a purposeless network (come on now). Are there mainstream monetizers for social networks? What about vertical social networks unlike LinkedIn for example? I […]

Tinker Level Ideas

The world is madly chasing the convergence dream. I believe however the future lies in breaking some of that convergence into basic products – tinker level. The market possibilities are endless in the emerging world. Think of a GPS device that just gives you location and not mp3 and other bells and whistles. Think of […]