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Are we communicating well to the ROW?

It is 0200 here in Berlin now, so please forgive me for a ‘non VW’ post! I cannot but help wonder how much things have changed for our country over the last year. The story of emerging India is already dated. And so is the gloating over little successes and feel good arrival. Issues are […]

Dividing Ownership in a Startup

“Experience is a good school, but the fees are high.” — Heinrich Heine It is the lesson of the true cost of recruiting the wrong founding team in a startup. You fill a role out of desperation, or even worse, recruit a friend or family who will do for now but never was quite the […]

Maverick Leadership

Imagine a company where managers set their own salaries! Middle management utopia, who would not like to be here? But this is also a company where if you put your salary too high, and people don’t put you on the list as someone they need for the next six months, you’re in more trouble than […]