Every now and then, my team stumbles upon an amazing individual who is destined to change the world. I try and tell these stories to as many people as I can. So forgive me if you have received a personal note but enjoy the story if you haven’t.

George Page is an extraordinary inventor. He is on an obsessive mission to make clean drinking water available wherever it is not. Scientist and Philanthropist – George has invented PocketPure – an engineer’s dream, a simple, elegant and portable water purificator that is already helping disaster affected communities in Haiti and Japan to drink straight up from dirty rivers, streams and lakes.

Read about his story as we break it at www.onebillionminds.com/georgepage and give us a LIKE there if you think the world needs PocketPure! Write to him at gpage(at)portapure.com to encourage his work and find out how you can join minds and forces with him.

George is trying to change the world.
He cannot do this alone. Help Us Help George.

Sanjukt K. Saha

Sanjukt is the Founder/CEO of One Billion Minds. Previously he headed the Indian business of Patton Electronics, a global telecom equipment manufacturing company. A Mechanical Engineer from the Indian Institute of Technology, he received a general management MBA from the European School of Management and Technology, Berlin where he was awarded an Axel Springer scholarship and elected Class President. He previously attended an advanced executive program offered by INSEAD & McGill. When not minding his own business, especially over weekends, Sanjukt enjoys mentoring early stage ventures. He can be reached at: sanjukt.saha@onebillionminds.com

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