Poker Online etc. have become big. Bridge is tough as if money is involved cheating is a hard nut to crack. I used to play on the MSN zone site but they had plans to close it so I moved onto BridgeBase. This is an interesting site where the money games are with 2 humans and 2 robots. I have not tried them because my bridge is rusty. Cheating is not possible. Aside from money games there is lots of free stuff which I use.

There is an online bridge club which is featured on the Pan IIT website. They are looking for IIT alums to join. Currently they run one tournament a week but as membership increases they plan to run more.

On another note it seems IIT admin is not all that keen that current IIT students join as playing “taash” is evil and IIT bandwidth should be devoted to nobler pursuits ( whatever that is). I can understand a clamp down for applications that are bandwidth hogs or illegal but this seems to be just plain heavy handed.

It gives current students the ability to get familiar with the online gaming space which could be big and the opportunity to network; all this while having fun so I for one hope a lot of current students who are interested in bridge do join.

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