This should be of primary interest to entrepreneurs in Mumbai/Pune who view making lives of seniors in India easier as an attractive business opportunity.

As a family ( my father, brother and me) our interest is in backing entrepreneurs who want to attack this space. We have put together a one pager that details

1. The Opportunity
2. What the Entrepreneur needs to do
3. How we can help
4. Next Steps
5. Criteria

We think Pune could be a good beta site as my father could help get beta customers. He also has deep domain knowledge. The entrepreneur’s would need to use own/friends/family money to bootstrap and do a beta in Pune. In 3-5 years the membership should exceed 1 million seniors across India and the ARPS ( Average Revenue Per Senior) should be Rs 200 or more per year or in other words total revenues should exceed Rs. 200 million. My brother and I could help as advisors/investors and in closing angel/VC rounds if that is required.

Entrepreneurs who want the one pager should contact my father at or I can post the one pager on this site. If comments ask me to I will.

On this post please comment on whether posting opportunities like this is appropriate and useful ? On this particular opportunity do you think it is a real opportunity ? Do you know of startups or large companies attacking this space ? Whats the scoop on Harmony, Tina Ambani’s effort ?

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