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How does the world feel

We Feel Fine is a site that looks at postings made to blogs around the world every 10 minutes and analyses them for feelings. It then presents this data in an applet that can be used to slice and dice this data by attributes like feeling, place, weather and gender. Makes one think. It is […]

Slide Share

I tried this invitation only service to share powerpoint slides and embed in a blog . I had made a presentation to IIM – Ahmedabad students and used these slides. I am going to see if I can embed the slides in this blog entry 0

TracBac – making life easier for visual designers

TracBac is a Web2.0 visual collaboration tool that makes life easier for designers. It is targeted specifically at people whose creative lives revolve around images, e.g., ad agencies, web designers, visualisers etc. The process of creating designs/campaigns involves a lot of going back & forth between clients and reviewers. And is generally a painful process, […]

Second Life

I have been hearing a lot about secondlife, and I finally decided to research some up. For beginners, the articles in Businessweek and Wired would provide a credible source of information. Briefly, secondlife is a virtual world with a real economy. People can buy land, build houses, offer services and so on. And the currency […]

Online Travel — more new fellas

Online travel continues to get interest. After half a dozen early stage investments and launches, consumer experience remains at abyssmal levels. My own view is that these players will figure it out over next few months, but a person I was talking to made a valid point — focus on user experience is in the […]

Scoble on Amazon

Robert Scoble, Microsoft’s ex-uberblogger, has an interesting post up about Amazon’s new releases, and how that means that they are the new google: Back when I worked at Microsoft I was always looking at Google and asking myself “what if they shipped this” or “what if they shipped that?” Well, I should have been worrying […]

SIM cards as CD

If mobiles are becoming pocket computers can SIM cards become like game CD’s, learning CD’s etc. If I want to learn English could I buy a learn english SIM card put it in my mobile phone. Would I have to have a high end mobile phone ? For SIM cards they have to conform to […]

Starting points for Indian languages internet

Fair bit of interest developing around local language content on the internet. Have been wondering what opportunities will present themselves over next few years as the opportunity unfolds. Some pieces of the puzzle: 1. Authoring tools 2. Standard rendering technology (still see too many floating around) 3. Content creation – Since english remains the main […]

Room to Read

It may be worth creating a category for social entrepreneurship which is distinct from the others. But that aside here is a good story in that category. Room to Read is an organization started by a Microsoft executive who left Microsoft in 2000 to enter the non-profit world and applied the principals of big business […]