Professor Mehta a member of the Knowledge Commission resigned in protest on quotas/reservations in educational institutions. His open letter to the Prime Minister is circulating on email and I read it on a Yahoo Group for my batch from IIM Ahmedabad. My response to that mail is quoted below as some of you may find it interesting as it shows the opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship while addressing national priorities.

“I guess it is one of the amazing contradictions in India that it continues to back artificial shortages and a paternalistic form of government even though the benefits of removing shortages is clear in areas like telecom.
With distance education technology the opportunity for quality education could be made available to the masses. IIM – Ahmedabad course content could be available for a small fee to a person in Monghyr and an IIM – FPM guy could run an open classroom that used this content for a lot more students than can be physically present at IIM- A. Shortage of education is artificial and there is no need for quotas. I hope the media/ agitators take this up and demand innovation to remove artificial shortages. ”

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