The posterboy of the Web 1.0 era is back. After the successful buyout of hotmail, Sabeer worked on couple of things, which dint click well. He ran Arzoo and then he made InstaColl but nothing matches along with his hotmail success. Going thru the news read at agencyfaqs!, it seems he is now back with VoiFi. VoiFi Beta, is an instant messaging (IM) service and a peer-to-peer telephony software that also offers calls for Re 1 from any part of the world to India. This is like Skype or Yahoo! with entertainment added in. I am unsure about the success of this, since there are more wannabe services available competing the slice of what Skype dominated once. The biggies Google, Microsoft, Yahoo along with smaller players like Voipbuster, Wengo are all competing on the same turf.

In addition going thru the news, that he is relaunching his Arzoo, [something similar to Yahoo! answers but happened in post dot com crash] as a travel portal. Now the online travel portal business is more competitive. Already some of the leading VCs funded online travel businesses. Now we need to see the implications of having one or two more portals in the same space. He is also busy in working on a freeware to make “hotmail” work faster 🙂