Sevin Rosen, one of the most respected names in the venture capital (the one that backed the likes of Compaq Computer) was not going to raise a new fund23 and would return the money to limited partners. The reason cited was lack of scalability, IPOs and the changing interest in the technology landscape. This is not going to be a direct threat to Indian startups as the consumer internet is going strong over here. With this gloomy mindset in the valley, Ventureboard takes the idea further for the exit options for the discerning startups. Excerpts from what VentureBoard is are:

VentureBoard is a marketplace for the technology start-up community of Silicon Valley and other regions.

Ventureboard serves two main purposes:

(1) It is a place where individuals or emerging tech companies can advertise their products, assets or teams for sale and where established companies can find them.

(2) It is a place for service providers, such as financial, debt, accounting, legal and PR companies, to advertise their services, and for emerging companies to locate services they need.

It will be interesting game to see with the likes of KiKo selling it out in eBay to do an exit and similar deals are happening in the startup world.