5- Don’t try to deploy your application in Q4 – Forth quarter is all about volume. 40-60% of operator’s yearly network load is sold in forth quarter. No one will take time to market your application, since channels are only interested in getting the device into customers hand.

6- Supported OS/Device platforms – You are not going to find a buyer by implementing your application just for Microsoft os Or symbian. Make sure you factor-in the cost of porting your application to at least 4-5 devices and 3-4 different OS platforms. They will ask you to port your application on every single device in their portfolio – Don’t.

7 – Simple is still good – If you think you have a simple mobile application idea that can drive their traffic…you got yourself a potential $$winner$$.

8 – know your market – You have to show them that there is some traction in the market for your mobile application.