BarCamp is an ad-hoc un-conference born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos and interaction from attendees. It’s an unconference, so everybody will participate in the happenings, unlike traditional conferences, where one person talk and the other’s listen.

India’s first BarCamp happened in Delhi, and it turned out to be Asia’s first. Well known bloggers in Chennai like Kiruba Shankar, myself and Vijay Anand are organising the Bar Camp Chennai. The BarCampChennai focusses on Web 2.0 and Next Generation Internet. The BarCampChennai’s focus will be creating awareness about Web 2.0, showcasing some of the hot start ups work and also providing a wider network platforms for the people.

Although the event is named as “BarCampChennai”, participants are from all over India. If you are a guy who says your browser is delicious or RSS is not a political party or XML is your Tshirt size, come join us. You can see the wiki set up for that and this is going to happen on April 8th & 9th of this year. Geek, sneak and rock!!