In continuation with Alok’s post on Investment pitches, i am posting our venture pitch for TracBac, a visual collaboration application. Here’s the presentation:

TracBac is a visual collaboration platform for designers and clients to interact over a modern browser. It succeeds in narrowing the gap between designers & clients by providing a rugged and easy to use collaboration platform. TracBac provides simple, yet powerful visual collaboration for designers, advertising agencies, creative professionals with their clients.

Development Stage: TracBac is 90% ready with few UI issues and minor feature upgrade. Comparing ourselves with other services by TechCrunch’s recent post, we believe, we bring in a better, simple yet sophisticated visual collaboration for the target audience.

The company is completely self-funded and interested to talk to angels / VCs in the advertising, animation, media, entertainment areas. We have a full working demo available. We are getting beta invite sign-ups via our website. TracBac’s first version [Free pre beta edition] launched in April 2006 created a good buzz, and we are featured in every Collaborate 2.0 lists in the world and people who saw the demo, seen the product has given positive feedbacks. Venturewoods has a posting too 😉 We have had genuine feedbacks to alter our features & functionality from our first version, which we duly changed in our new version. TracBac as of now is scheduled for a closed invite release by 20th November 2006.

In this presentation we focussed on the problem, solution, market, our advantage, competitive scenario, how our technology makes a cut, projections, founders and investment expectations.

Disclosure: TracBac is a product developed by 360 Degree Interactive. 360 Degree Interactive is a chennai based web service firm headed by 2 people including me.