Looks like the debate on who is bigger – Monster or Naukri – is reaching a crescendo. Well, both Arun and Sanjeev are good friends, and I clearly want to stay clear of that debate.

The debate that is worth having, in my view, is who has a better customer experience — both for job seekers and employers. More and more, the business is about building relationships with customers and getting higher usage (not just repeat revenues). By now these businesses are well past the awareness stage — they should be cultivating brand champions by now — and the basis for that is customer experience.

Any thoughts? (as a rule of the game, lets see if we can impose the self discipline of employees of Monster and Naukri abstaining from this, unless they do so with full disclosure).

Actually, also check out Clickjobs.com — we are an investor in the group company, and these guys tell me they have better customer experience than any of the other brands 😉 Following the above rule, I will abstain!