Hi! Sorry I have been out of scene for a while with my posts. For the past couple of months what is really caught my attention is a concept called Unbound Healthcare, this basically means remote monitoring of patients who have small gadgets attached to their bodies which collect medical related informtion like Temperature Fluctuations, Blood Pressure, etc. and send them over to the required monitoring personnel for consistant diagnosis. This also acts as a cost saving operation as there are no costs involved in setting up appointments and conducting tests (Which are pretty expensive in the western countries). The information can be transmitted over either wireless networks or can also be sent over the internet by a USB enabled pluggy. This concept is expected to hit a $34 Billion scale by 2015. Although most of the players in this field are currently worried about regulatory go aheads (Which are currently in process) but some action is happening in this domain nevertheless. A company called HomMed (Which has been acquired by Honeywell in 2005) has already reached the $42 million mark by end 2005. I believe a concept like this can also be implemented in the Asian countries as healthcare costs are consistantly rising.

I will be posting more on this topic as I get the required interest level from fellow Wooders!

Till then…cheers!

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