Apologies for not posting for so long but I have been rather busy.

I thought my startup days were over but I ended up investing some money and joining a startup in Gurgaon called GISIL. My dream was to create another elephant in the payment space and that matched GISIL’s aspirations. I joined Jan 18 and while building an elephant is not easy I am now even more optimistic.

It is likely that GISIL may close a round of funding in the 30-90 days at a higher valuation. For those who join now the risks are more but so is the upside so though I might be stating the obvious timing is very important when you join startups. If you can stomach a wild ride then join early and make sure you get options.

My initial product team is more or less in place for now but GISIL is looking for senior talent, CFO, VP-HR, VP-Engineering and lots of application engineers who think they could build the next PayPal/Visa. We will be updating our website soon. In case you are interested or know people who are interested contact me on sanjay@gisil.com. We are only looking for top drawer people who are comfortable with taking risk so please do not waste our time or yours if you do not meet these criteria.

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