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Introducing In50hrs Healthcare Edition

Chennai is the Healthcare Capital of India; That’s a fact. Healthcare and Education are also the two areas that stand to be disrupted in the hands of an entrepreneur in this country and Globally. Yet, time and time again, We witness entrepreneurs building solutions that have no relevance to any of the pressing needs of […]

The Risk-Averse Indian Entrepreneur

Indian Entrepreneurs are one of the most risk-averse in the world. Well not all, there are truly some fantastic exceptions, but most of the demographic is risk averse. Let me explain: In the business plan of an entrepreneur they do the math, calculate “their” salaries in, the prototyping costs, marketing costs and will assume that […]

Collating Problems Worth Solving

In my experience working with Entrepreneurs for the past 9 odd years and possibly have seen a few thousand startups, there is one key attribute that instantly sets apart the startups that just might make it, to the ones that would struggle – the clarity on the problem they are trying to solve. While we […]

Tech Startups: We are on our own.

I remember this TED talk by Hans Rosling as he echoed the sentiments that I’ve heard working closely with Market Research firms: Even with quantitative data, you have to be careful because as much as they are hard numbers, they usually are averages of two extremes – and the markets are full of extremities. Truth is, if you […]

Advisors, Mentors or Coach?

We see far too many folks confusing mentors for advisors. A mentor’s job is to mould you as an entrepreneur and make you successful. For them a business that you do now is just a phase, and are more focused on you as the product. Now, that means, a true mentor will break you, push […]