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A New Kind of Incubation Model. Part II

For those who had asked about how incubation centres work, I believe the comments in the previous post would have helped. To summarize, an incubation centre supports an entrepreneur with an active advisory panel, infrastructure and with some financial assistance to help them jumpstart the process. That’s pretty much the gist of the matter. As […]

The Need for a New Kind of Incubation Model

It seems that at the rise of every economic cycle, old structures of the past do pop-up again. Incubators are a good example of that. They were around during the dotcom bubble and they are back now. I am not talking about India, where incubators are meant to be the last refuge for most entrepreneurs […]

Radio Stations: Pervasive Entertainment Everywhere

It seems that Mumbai is the only place in India which has a 24/7 English Radio station. Most of the other cities have these partial stations where there is english programming in certain times of the day, mixed with other regional-language programming. First question: Why is that? Secondly, Let me go to a bit extreme. […]

Back to the Basics: Bootstrapping, by Definition.

“Hi, I am Bob, and I am bootstrapping a startup.” “Oh, great!. What do you do?” “Well, we are building this service which does that in a different way” “oh” (with a little disappointment) “So bob, how can I help?” “I would like to run my business plan with you. Is that okay?” “Sure, go […]

The Proto Team in Delhi: This Saturday

Proto has been discussed in this forum in various forms, and titles, and I have always enjoyed hearing the feedback that this community has to offer – as this community very much forms the crux and the core of the ecosystem that we are aiming to build. Here’s perhaps a chance to have that same […] – an update

First of all, let me take the opportunity to wish you all a very successful Year in the days to come in 2007. The Team at Proto have been working quite hard to ensure that the companies that are presenting, the VCs that would be arriving, and the rest of the attendees find the event […]