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TSC Resident Grant Awarded to Two Resident Graduates

LightSpeed Ventures ( is awarding a Grant of 2.5L Each for two of the graduates of the TSC Resident Programme. Over the past six months two teams have graduated successfully, building teams, building that initial social proof and model, and already eliciting interest in fund raising.Out of the Collaboration between The Startup Centre and Lightspeed […]

Kickstarting “The Startup Centre”

I’ve been a raving lunatic about this, for almost the past eight months, talking to various folks in the ecosystem, listening, iterating and evolving and still realizing that there is enough evidence to point to the need of an existence of an entrepreneur-centric early stage hub and accelerator. The Startup Centre is an effort towards […]

Is Micro-Funding a New Trend to Come?

A lot of folks seem to be very curious as to what I am working on, since my stepping back from Well, quite a bit actually and on some rather serious stuff. Serious as cash, infact. One of the major concerns that has been on my mind is the scarcity of capital in this […]

The Tweetie Helpline | @start24x7

So, We have been kinda noticing this trend. Forums are great, and with the present rate at which the startup community seems to be growing, there is more and more a need to be real-time. We felt it, just by the way we were interacting with people on twitter, but there was certainly a need […]

Who Owns The Company?

Once in a blue moon, this situation repeats itself. The board of a company along with the stake holders and investors are pushing the entrepreneur towards a direction and he/she is really not liking it, and tries the ownership card. “This is my company, and I do have the best in mind for it”. Nobody […]

Brad Feld, On the Ecosystem.

Came across this blog post by Brad Feld, on his observations between VCs and Entrepreneurs and the so-called Ecosystem to speak of.  It’s kinda an interesting read. Brad Feld on VCs, Entrepreneurs and the Ecosystem. Some of the highlights: I’ve long believed that the entrepreneurs are the motive force behind all entrepreneurial ecosystems – not […]