The Third Edition of In50hrs is here. December 9 – 11, 2011

In50Hrs is a Weekend Hackathon where people with Ideas, Developers, and Designers get together to give life to ideas and have working prototypes before the weekend is out, present it to a room full of like-minded folks, and perhaps pave the way for the beginning of a new product.

How often have you pondered on ideas, but are a bit scared to quit your day job to pursue it? Or to find a team and see if the machinery and chemistry between you works well? Or a student with amazing ideas, but scared to sit out of placements? Well, an in50hrs weekend is a risk-free way to figure if there are legs to that idea, and if at all its worth taking a leap over it.

The Third Edition of the event is slated to be on the dates of 9th – 11th December in Chennai.

If you already are aware of What In50hrs is about, Click on Register to save yourself a seat.

If you’d like to know more, then there are a few things you can do:

  • Visit the Site on Getting Started
  • Read the rules of the Event
  • Pitch The Idea. Find one to work on.
  • Videos from in50hrs Past Demo [Youtube]
  • Write to us if you have any specific questions
  • Find a Partner to work with you, People to bunk with (if you are an out of towner) by Tweeting out with the hashtag #in50hrs

Registration URL:

Vijay Anand

An entrepreneur from India, Vijay has extensive experience in kickstarting companies abroad and in the homeland. He has been the founder of CompuWorld Software Solutions, NullScape Softwares and Ottawa-based LeadStep Technologies.

With a background in software engineering and interests in technology and business, he carries with himself the passion to help drive companies that are entering the technological domain here in India and around the world.

He writes regularly - and maybe a bit obsessively-his collective thoughts, passions and perspectives in his blog Technological Musings (