Came across this blog post by Brad Feld, on his observations between VCs and Entrepreneurs and the so-called Ecosystem to speak of.  It’s kinda an interesting read.

Brad Feld on VCs, Entrepreneurs and the Ecosystem.
Some of the highlights:

I’ve long believed that the entrepreneurs are the motive force behind all entrepreneurial ecosystems – not the VCs, the other service providers, the government, or anyone else

I regularly hear people – including very smart and experienced ones – assert other things such as overstating the importance of the presence of VCs to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

VC’s play a role in all of this, but it’s one that I regularly feel is dramatically overstated, misrepresented (including by many VCs) and misunderstood.  We provide different resources and value than lawyers, accountants, investment bankers, and PR and marketing firms, but we are still simply one of the inputs into the entrepreneur ecosystem.