In my experience working with Entrepreneurs for the past 9 odd years and possibly have seen a few thousand startups, there is one key attribute that instantly sets apart the startups that just might make it, to the ones that would struggle – the clarity on the problem they are trying to solve.

While we have made it a mandate in events like In50hrs that explaining the problem is crucial, we have realized that as a culture we havent yet learnt the art of observing the issues that around us – especially the ones that present opportunities along with it.

In an effort to help out, we have started collating interesting Problem Statements from entrepreneurs all around. Quite a few have contributed and we are starting to list them at the In50hrs site, as Problems Worth Solving (with due credits).

As a recent article said, Focus on Talking about the Problems, and not the solutions, its evident that the key to building a thriving ecosystem is by building the capability to spot the problems, but for now, we are giving entrepreneurs a headstart and hopefully a sense of what to look for.

PS: If you want to prototype a solution to any of these problems, do sign up for an In50hrs Near you.

PPS: Want to Contribute a Problem Statement? You can too.

Vijay Anand

An entrepreneur from India, Vijay has extensive experience in kickstarting companies abroad and in the homeland. He has been the founder of CompuWorld Software Solutions, NullScape Softwares and Ottawa-based LeadStep Technologies.

With a background in software engineering and interests in technology and business, he carries with himself the passion to help drive companies that are entering the technological domain here in India and around the world.

He writes regularly - and maybe a bit obsessively-his collective thoughts, passions and perspectives in his blog Technological Musings (