We’ve always been strong believers that any process, if directly ditto-copied (from the west) will fall flat on its face. The Startup Centre is a model, unique to India, and a pioneer in its own way adapting a very different approach to building kickass startups. We thought it was about time we start explaining what we do and our thought process behind it. Here’s a start.

The Startup Centre in a lot of ways is building a new kind of accelerator model. Not one where you build a startup in a sprint of 90 days, and throw it up in the air and hope it sticks (most of them only freefall from there), but meticulously measuring every step of the way, and building startups that build products that the world needs and is willing to pay for. Building value, means a lot to us. Increasingly, it is becoming clear that building companies riding the hype cycle don’t last and over the next few years, valuations and value will be intertwined more than ever.

Would love to hear your feedback, thoughts and suggestions. We are a startup too, by every measure. We are listening.