If you have been wondering if there are a lot of accelerators popping up as of late, you are assuming right. But you will realize if you start putting them side by side, that not all are equal. After the nth time that someone asked if the difference between this and that, this happened. And with the Nudge of friends, making it public – it seems to be useful to some, maybe will be to you as well.

Vijay Anand

An entrepreneur from India, Vijay has extensive experience in kickstarting companies abroad and in the homeland. He has been the founder of CompuWorld Software Solutions, NullScape Softwares and Ottawa-based LeadStep Technologies.

With a background in software engineering and interests in technology and business, he carries with himself the passion to help drive companies that are entering the technological domain here in India and around the world.

He writes regularly - and maybe a bit obsessively-his collective thoughts, passions and perspectives in his blog Technological Musings (www.vijayanand.name)