If technology as a disruptor is a given ..what is the best way to envision the next killer business opportunities?
In the book “Leading the revolution”, HBS prof Gary Hamel has a quote for the new innovation solutions- Industry revolutionaries are like a missile up the tailpipe.Boom! You’re irrelevant!
i.e. strategy is not the domain of the top management, everyone in the organisation can help build innovative strategies.

What then is required is a “tight loose” approach. Review execution and performance closely, but keep the strategy and business tactics within the domain of creativity and innovation.

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Jay is a marketing and Brand communications professional with over 17 years of experience in Media, Corporate Communications, Brand Management and Marketing. CEO of a startup, DigiQom Solutions, a pre-sales, marketing and PR process company, Jay is passionate about the role of disruptive technologies in changing consumer decision making and influencing behaviour. Prior to DigiQom, Jay has created and led the corporate marketing and communications functions for organisations such as Nokia, HSBC, and Hughes Software Systems. Jay has been a business journalist in his early career working in various editorial capacities in The Economic Times, Business Today magazine, and Business Standard newspaper before starting his corporate journey as director, strategic communications, with Contract Advertising ( a JWT company).

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