Who is an entrepreneur?


Do not stare at this picture for too long! Just out of a really late night discussion with a colleague at One Billion Minds.

What is your word?

9 Responses to “Who is an entrepreneur?”

  1. Subra says:

    Strong Vision and Conviction. Dream big and passion to achieve it.


  2. Sujay says:

    Execution is one of the key points. Also entrepreneurs need to be liberal and a bit expermentative.If things don’t workout they should be willing to try out new. Sacrifice needs to have a bigger size.

  3. Anupam says:

    Rightly said. One of the key points – Execution.

    Sorry Bipin, just to wake you up – slow & stead doesn’t cut in.
    Instead There must be an element of speed, risk & impulsiveness.

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