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Ladies and Gentlemen, The finally awaited moment is here – well, atleast the first of it. The nominations are open for companies that do want to submit their products for evaluation, out of which 20 companies will present before an esteemed audience – the creme de la crop, the movers and the shakers of the […]

Headstart: Call For Product Nominations

If you are a product company and looking to demo your product check out Headstart that will take place in Bangalore from Jan 18-20, 2008 at the Indian Institute of Sciences campus. Here is the criteria for nominating your product: The product or technology elements must be new and should not have been launched before […]

P2P Lending – further thoughts

Couple of days back; I posted about P2P lending and its India Feasibility – got mixed reponse from readers. I thought to bounce some more facts/findings from Deutsche Bank Research Report. Interesting to note: 1.) Less default rate for borrowers who are member of some group (remember SHG of Indian MFI industry) 2.) At present; […]

Office space in Delhi

Hi Everyone, We are opening a sales office in Delhi and are looking for a functional set-up in a high quality building that can house 2 people there. We’d like a cabin or 2 cubicles with phones with 24/7 access to broadband, phones, a meeting room etc. in a commercial hub. I’d appreciate any leads […]

Some Generic Entrepreneurial Questions

Hi, i am facing some generic problems and i think many of us out here should be facing the same …. so i thought i might put up a post regarding the same and attract some wise answers. My customers are enterprises, so my viewpoint and questions revolve around them. Feel free to give generic […]

Entrepreneurs Forum on December 15 at Bangalore

Bangalore Chapter of IIT Delhi Alumni Association is organizing a full day event Entrepreneurs Forum on 15th December, 2007 at Bangalore. The event involves highly focused & interactive sessions/workshops on various aspects of entrepreneurship by high-profile entrepreneurs and VCs. The target audience is focused and consists of budding entrepreneurs from IITs, IIMs and beyond. Key […]

Al Gore joins Kleiner Perkins as Partner

Very interesting. Another lever for Gore to try and influence the climate change issue. The alliance provides Mr. Gore an additional pulpit for his advocacy of environmental causes, but also gives the Nobel laureate an opportunity to nurture green businesses. Venture capitalists said the move could help companies financed by Kleiner establish ties with big […]

Amit Varma

He is a Mint columnist and I have not read all his columns as I have been rather busy but I remember reading one in August which I found amusing and instructive. Here is the link I hope to read more of Mr. Varma’s writing. In the US I was a regular reader of Walter […]