Hi Everyone,

We are opening a sales office in Delhi and are looking for a functional set-up in a high quality building that can house 2 people there. We’d like a cabin or 2 cubicles with phones with 24/7 access to broadband, phones, a meeting room etc. in a commercial hub. I’d appreciate any leads to Business Centers that members have had a good experience with and that are reasonable in cost or else offers from other software companies that would be interested in offering the same environment on commercial terms and/or a similar arrangement out of our offices in Bombay. Drop me a line on roshan AT myzus DOT com



Roshan D'Silva

Entrepreneur. Interests lie in technology, strategy, psychology, history. Grew up in a tiny country called Qatar until moving to India in 1996 to graduate from IIT Bombay. Founded Myzus soon after graduating and was a door to door 'telecom' salesman for the first three years. Love working on new products, spending time with my team and the environment- Am a PADI certified Ocean diver and love diving. Give me a shout if you are one and we will connect for sure!!

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