Is it already ending?

Just read this article in Businessweek.I believe media always picks up a trend a little late, and whenever they write about a boom or a bust both phenomenon are already over, i.e. the best plays are gone- both on the upcycle or the downcycle.
What do you folks think? is Web 2.0 picking up or has the window already started closing?
I remember the last time, the VC fund window was open for just about 9 months, what’s your predictions for this time?

2 Responses to “Is it already ending?”

  1. Gaurav says:

    Depends on how you define “web 2.0″. To me, it is a set of new technologies (ajax, laszlo etc), a set of new paradigms (social software, aggregation, syndication etc) and an emerging new consumer ecosystem (broadband enabled, always connected, mobile). So by this definition, Web 2.0 is here to stay. Just like after the initial boom/bust, e-commerce continued to grow, we will continue to see more and more “web 2.0″-ish applications (until they become the norm and 1.0 is a thing of past).

  2. Alok Mittal says:

    I personally have a great deal of confidence in college entrepreneurs in the western context, as long as they have the ability to fill in experience gaps… This story by itself, doesnt sound bad at all…

    not endorsing web 2.0 yet :)

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